Booking Information

Confirmation of booking via 50% non-refundable deposit must be received 10 days prior to booked date.

Child Care Hours

There is a minimum of four 4 hours service for each booking and time is calculated to the ½ hour and commences on arrival at the venue.


Child Care Rates

Children with Special or Additional needs will require a Childcare Assistant

to provide support and supervision.

Additional supervisor will be provided based on ‘child to supervisor   

Ratio’ and in accordance with The National Quality Framework in NSW.

ACT 2010 (‘National Law’) and Education and care services

We recommend having at least two adults present even with smaller groups of children.

Child Care Duties

  • Following your child’s individual routine.

  • Providing stimulating and educational play, crafts.

  • Child focused activities which are age appropriate, interest based and help to develop key learning areas provided.

  • Ensuring that the environment is safe and secure.


  • Qualified and experienced Educators

  • Active supervision of children sleeping

  • Infant feeding

  • Toilet assistance

  • Australian Eco friendly resources

Payment Options

Payments can be made using Direct Debit

BSB : 637 000

ACC : 723 892 562